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aia arizona office, phoenix arizona, 2002

The AIA Arizona Offices, in downtown Phoenix are located within the historic 1920’s neo-classical WalkerBuilding. The design celebrates the existing structure by creating spaces that neither prioritize the old nor the new, but instead, allow the occupant to experience spaces that are in-between. The open office plan defines spaces through the simple placement of horizontal and vertical planes. These planes, constructed of light-gauge metal framing and drywall, accommodated the projects limited budget and created a series of flowing spaces housing a variety of functions. The AIA office can operate as a public forum, functional office space, a gathering place for formal events, as casual seminar space, or in any combination. The generic white walls are equally flexible – claiming no particular style or time period. Like a conventional gallery space, the AIA office is neutral, minimal and brought to life by the activities of its staff, the information it provides and the events it hosts. Designed in collaboration with Jorge Colon.


Merit Award, AIA Arizona, 2004
Honor Award, AIA Western Mountain Region, 2003
Award of Merit, Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award, 2003


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