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can house, phoenix arizona, 2006

The “Can House” is a prefab residence that utilizes shipping containers as its primary element. The project is sited in an older neighborhood in north central Phoenix that is adjacent to the North Mountain Desert Preserve. The neighborhood is made up of modest 50’ x 125’ lots and does not have an updated infrastructure. For many years the community has fought attempts to bring in city sewer, preferring the current septic systems used. This unconventional residence seems to fit within the independent mentality of neighborhood. With a very challenging site that includes a steep slope and shallow bedrock the shipping container units that make up the majority of the house help balance the cost and ease of construction of the overall project. The shipping containers are modified off site to allow an open flexible envelope resulting in an efficient plan. Simple environmental strategies were used: use of recycled shipping containers, use of infill lots, east/west facades opaque, operable north/south facades and adjustable shading elements.



Merit Award UnBuilt, AIA Western Mountain Region, 2008

Citation Award UnBuilt, AIA Arizona, 2007

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