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yard-barn ADU, sacramento california, 2019

The goal of this speculative design is to create an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to help solve the California housing crisis by providing an alternative to the typical delivery model.  This new model uses off the shelf components and assembly to empower homeowners to hire labor or use their own “sweat equity”.  The proposal is inspired by the agricultural vernacular of the Central Valley and the promise of modernism.  This prototypical (ADU) uses a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) system as its primary building component. It is neither prefab nor a custom-built solution but lies somewhere in between appealing to an empowered “do it yourself” (DIY) culture.  The simple utilitarian clear span structure is easy to assemble and even comes with instructions from the manufacturer. An open plan and exposed structure makes the space feel larger than it is. A centralized service core combines kitchen, bath, laundry and closet together to minimize walls and corridors. Wall finishes are plywood giving a sense of warmth and quality. An eight-foot-wide glass garage door is the focal point of the design bringing in abundant day-light while opening the indoors to the outdoors. 


Winner, AIA Central Valley Tiny Home / ADU Design Competition, AIA Central Valley, October 2019


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