yard-barn, sacramento california, 2019

“A modern barn for Sacramento living”


The concept for the yard-barn is inspired by three foundational ideas: a regional sense of place, the promise of modernism and the DIY maker culture.


Farm-To-Fork Capital

The Sacramento region is surrounded by 1.5 million acres of active farmland.  The region has been a center for agriculture for centuries.  Its long history and heritage of food production is a key characteristic of the community and the buildings that define it.  The utilitarian buildings of agriculture often blend in with the landscape and are dismissed, but their functional and minimal forms are at the essence of true modern architecture. 


Machine For Living

In Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-Ino, he synthesized the ideas of prefabrication, flexibility and minimalism. This house design was based on thin reinforced concrete floors supported by slim concrete columns that allowed flexibility and adaptability without the constraints of load-bearing walls.  Pre-engineered metal buildings are quite similar.  In David Byrne's movie True Stories, he decrees “Metal buildings are the dream that modern architects had at the beginning of the century come true, but they themselves don’t realize it.”



The term “barndominium” comes from merging barn and condominium. The definition refers to a type of steel building originally designed as a storage building or barn structure; the structure has been repurposed by delineation of living areas within the existing large, utilitarian open space. This evolving trend highlights homes in agrarian areas, primarily in Texas.  People are modifying these steel structures because of DIY opportunities, low cost, flexibility, open floor plans and  low-tech aesthetics.